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 Connector. Influencer. Doer of great things. Whatever you call it, I’m making it happen. I believe in the power of partnerships and the synergy that takes place when iconic brands and forward thinkers converge.
I bring together the right people, the right corporations, and the right organizations, curating exclusive events in New York, Los Angeles, D.C., and beyond. There is a purpose behind every well-tailored experience: to get well-respected lifestyle and cultural influencers in the same room.
My media and marketing consulting firm, CCMe, collaborates with an impressive network of professionals. Whether I’m hosting a fundraiser or an invite-only Makers event, central to my work and my philosophy is creating one-of-a-kind experiences. I make sure I’m never the first one to do something second.

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What I Do

The Social Broker®
 Founder & CEO | CCMe, LLC

For more than a decade, I’ve been called the ultimate connector. As an event producer,  host, marketer, and social media expert, I’ve learned that each client is a unique brand. I’ve also learned that a brand is only as good as the strategist behind it.

My team and I execute premier event and marketing campaigns through CCMe, a full-service boutique media and consulting firm I founded in 2011. As CEO, I lead an extraordinary collection of talent with a highly impressive network.

Among the entertainment and lifestyle events produced by CCMe are a summer charity event that featured a performance by Common, an advance viewing party of The Best Man Holiday, a fundraiser for New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and a cocktail mixer for the NFL Player’s Association.

Whether I’m cultivating partnerships, securing sponsorships, driving outreach, or evolving my clientele’s digital presence, my mission is to create real value and memorable experiences to influencers across industries. Let’s connect.

Some of Our Great


Event Production

CCMe specializes in creating game-changing experiences for every client. My expert team and I provide a high level of creativity, passion, and engagement to each event we curate, with the goal of connecting respected brands to their target demographic. From concept to completion, we handle logistics, as well as every aspect of production, to ensure that your event is a success.

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Brand Marketing

CCMe champions your brand through ongoing marketing efforts designed to increase your visibility and reach. By leading an integrated strategy and identifying both traditional and new media opportunities, our team plays an active role in developing, expanding, targeting, and positioning your brand for growth. Our dynamic and effective brand and marketing campaigns maximize each client’s ROI.

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Social Media

As an expert in the social media space, CCMe harnesses its experience in managing media channels to lead your digital marketing strategy. To increase your brand’s online presence, CCMe leads fresh, engaging, and inventive social media campaigns that include creating and promoting social news content, overseeing response management, and spearheading stakeholder engagement.

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